PhD offer : Low profile broadband antennas in the 300-GHz band


One of the challenges in THz wireless communications consists in designing low-profile high-gain antennas efficiently coupled to continuous-wave THz sources at room temperature, to compensate for the propagation loss. Moreover, appropriate radiation patterns must be tailored for the antennas in each THz wireless system. For instance, directive pencil beams will suffice for point-to-point links, whereas small cells will demand a multi-beam system with broader angular coverage.


This project, developed at the IETR, Rennes, aims at studying transmitarray (TA) antennas. In this case, the multi-beam operation will be obtained by using an array in the focal plane of the TA. This solution avoids feed and strut blockage encountered in reflector antennas, while keeping a good overall efficiency.

All details in this document.