Post-doc offer: High performance numerical modelling for nonlinear photonic devices


Cavity Resonant Integrated Grating Filter (CRIGF) are promising structures composed of a grating coupler (GC) surrounded with two Distributed Bragg Reflectors (DBR). The excitation of an eigenmode of the structure through one diffraction order of the GC generates a resonance peak in the reflectivity spectrum.
We intend to take advantage of the field enhancement caused by the excitation of a confined mode with a focused beam in CRIGF to improve the efficiency of nonlinear optical effects, especially Second Harmonic Generation (SHG).


The work proposed, during this full-time 1-year, postdoctoral appointment is dedicated to the development of a 3D finite element software in order to study such kind of realistic configuration. Based on an already existing source code developed in our lab, the candidate will focus its future work in the implementation of new functionalitie

More details in this document.