Junior Professor Chair : Multifunctional materials dedicated to intelligent actuator and sensor applications, IEMN/Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (UPHF), Valenciennes

This project concerns ferroelectric materials with a high piezoelectric response and the production of microsystems. The objectives are twofold: – to synthesise materials (films and nanowires) so that they can be integrated with silicon technologies (CMOS compatibility) and flexible substrates for microelectronics and micro and nanotechnologies (organic-hybrid/bio-sourced materials), – to develop new environmentally-friendly functional materials (alternatives to obsolescence REACH regulations, POP….) that have high piezoelectric coefficients at low control voltages and high-frequency performance with strong electromechanical coupling […]
Beyond the position itself, the advantage is to directly access to a full-time senior researcher position at the end of the tenure track period, after evaluation of scientific merit and professional aptitude by a tenure commission. The chair is financially highly supported in research with extra 460 k€.
As regards teaching, max 64 hours of teaching time per year. Speaking French is not required. Teaching will be mainly at INSA Hauts-de-France for Master/Engineer level and IUT for bachelor level. The chair is fully included and accompanied inside the group of Physics and Materials […]