PhD offer, IETR, Rennes: Keyboard Compromission Through Electromagnetic Attacks using Wavefront Shaping

Electromagnetic cybersecurity relates to the use of electromagnetic waves to compromise data. Keyboards are critical targets because they are widely used as a computer peripheral and keystroke retrieval may lead to sensitive information recovery. Various attacks have been proposed to remotely retrieve keystrokes by listening to electromagnetic emanations either in a passive or active manner using backscattering measurement. However, the feasibility of denial-of-service attacks on computer keyboard remains an open challenge.
This PhD aims at developing beyond-state-of-the-art electromagnetic attacks to compromise keyboard availability and integrity. To that end, we will take benefit of wavefront shaping techniques in a guided propagation medium such as power or communication cables, in order to enable non-line-of-sight attacks at an extended range.

Application deadline: May 31st 2024
How to apply: send a resume, cover letter and last academic transcripts to francois.sarrazin@univ-