PhD offer: Universal Launcher Antenna


Communication links onboard launchers consist in 3 main functions: Telecommand, Trajectography and Telemetry. Each function currently operates over a dedicated frequency range within [0.4 GHz ; 6 GHz] and a specific antennas network is used for each one via different concepts.

Such an implementation is not optimal from an industrial point of view since it requires management of several antenna definitions with impacts on configuration control, supply chain, integration phase and cost with respect to the launchers needs.

Therefore a unique antenna concept operating over the whole frequency range [0.4 GHz ; 6 GHz] for all communication links could be an universal solution with a high added value for space applications. Developing such a solution for future launchers is the subject of the proposed PhD.


This PhD offer is available at the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes (IETR – UMR CNRS 6164), France.
All information about objectives and required skills can be found in this document.