PhD offer: Fast and Accurate Iterative Physical Optics Approach for the Modeling of Electrically Huge Platforms


The Iterative Physical Optics (IPO) is a High Frequency method for the electromagnetic analysis, which is inherently parallelizable, thus providing an unrivaled fast tool for the description of large platforms, prediction of RCS, antenna siting, etc. Since based on Physical Optics approximation, though augmented by its iterative scheme, IPO is an approximate method that is not capable to accurately describe effects like edge/vertex diffraction or creeping waves (Fock’s currents).


To enhance IPO accuracy, this PhD programs aims to combine it with an exact method, i.e., the Electric Field Integral Equation (EFIE), which is cast in a similar iterative algorithm through a Calderon preconditioning.

The candidate will be equally hosted by IETR (Institut d’Électronique et de Télécommunications de Rennes, France) and LEA (Applied Electromagnetic Laboratory, Siena, Italy), during the timeframe of the PhD program.

All information about candidate profile and required skills can be found in this document.


The main supervisors of the candidate will be: