PhD offer: Mechanobiology assisted by Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) for medical diagnosis assistance


Mechanobiology is an emerging field of science at the interface of biology and engineering. A major challenge in this field is the understanding of mechanotransduction, i.e. the molecular mechanisms by which cells sense and respond to mechanical signals. This physical interaction will modify the mechanical properties of cells and tissues, which contribute to the development of the cell, its differentiation and to the development of the disease. Hence, cell’s viscosity and elasticity are important parameters that must be characterized.

S.U. Senveli et al. conducted the most recent work in the field of surface acoustic wave (SAW) biosensors for the characterization of tumour cells. They also managed to differentiate tumour cells in terms of elasticity modulus. Moreover, we can note, the work of Stamp et al. which demonstrated that dynamic stimulation of bone tumour cells (SaOs-2) with 159 MHz (Rayleigh-SAW) ultrasound accelerates the tissue healing process by stimulating cell migration and growth.

SAW appear to be a relevant and promising characterization method for the field of mechanobiology and for future medical treatments.


This PhD offer is available at the Institut Jean LAMOUR (UMR 7198), University of Lorraine – CNRS, Micro et Nanosystems Team – Campus ARTEM, NANCY (

All information about objectives and required skills can be found in this document.