PhD offer: Minimally-invasive photoacoustic microendoscopy


The PhD work will take place at the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique, which is located on the campus of the University Grenoble Alpes. Grenoble is an extremely dynamic and academic global city, with low rents.

In the context of the ERC-funded COHERENCE project, our group develops new methods for photoacoustic imaging and innovative approaches to perform photoacoustic microendoscopy in biological tissue at the minimal possible invasiveness. At the core of the endoscopy project is the demonstration in recent years that multimode optical waveguides may be used to perform high-resolution optical imaging, with a footprint much smaller than conventional approaches based on fiber bundles or scanning-based devices, for comparable imaging performances.


The general objective of the PhD project will be to design a prototype of minimally invasive photoacoustic microendoscopy. In terms of instrumentation, one challenge will be to develop novel methods to build a fast-imaging device: the approaches implemented to date are too slow to be used for biomedical purposes, as they not only require very long calibration steps but also very long acquisition times. Another general challenge for optical microendoscopy with multimode waveguides is the sensitivity of multimode propagation to the fiber conformation, which to date has limited the approach to rigid devices. One objective of the PhD project will be to develop and implement innovative methods to perform microendoscopy with a flexible device. The PhD project will involve both experimental and methodological developments.

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