PhD offer: Improvement of the knowledge of complex media composed of cracks by electromagnetic scattering simulation


The French road network consists mainly of national roads, most of which being built about 40 years ago. Road surface defects are caused mainly by underground defects that can occur long before visible degradations appear on the surface. The geometrical characteristics of these defects as well as the extent and paths of water induced by these defects is a very important indicator of durability of these structures. In the context of the detection of embedded cracks, in order to help in the detection, there is a need for understanding the physical mechanisms of scattering and propagation that occur.


This work, available at ICAM School of Engineering (Nantes campus), focuses on the propagation of electromagnetic waves to physically and geometrically characterize civil engineering media. This is made by improving the understanding of the scattering mechanisms inside a stratified medium of rough interfaces containing cracks for a large band of frequencies. Thus, the PhD student will develop rigorous and asymptotic (fast) electromagnetic models in order to better predict and understand the propagation phenomena occurring in this complex configuration.

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