Post-doctoral offer: Active optical lenses based on microfluidics


Today, there is a strong interest for increasing the capacities of vision of pilots, drivers or astronauts, by adding optical functionalities imaging sensors. In this domain, there exist bottlenecks challenging to meet, among which the question of integrating optical elements that would allow, at all times, to adapt focal lenses to the optics of the embarked cameras, without substantially increasing the weight or the volume. Additional difficulties are related to the range of short focal lenses that must be matched.


The goal of the project, available at the MMN Laboratory, (Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes pour la microfluidique), is to propose and evaluate an active lens solution based on microfluidics. The idea is to use microfluidic systems, incorporating arrays of membranes, with pressure controlled deflections. Such a system has the capacity to focus light under fine control, while working in the appropriate range of focal lengths.

More informations and details in this document.


Laboratoire MMN, Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes pour la microfluidique,
75005 Paris, France