Post-doctoral offer: Transient studies on Optoelectronic Metamaterials


The laboratory « Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques » (Quantum Materials and Phenomena) have introduced a way to transform basic LEDs into versatile multifunctional devices.

Beyond the potential of these devices for applications, it turns out that the physics at play in such artificial composites is new and quite unlike anything found in the literature and textbooks on nanophotonics. However, our understanding of this new regime of interactions at the nanoscale is still very limited.


The goal of this postdoctoral fellowship is to elucidate this new physics. Using time-resolved fluorescence measurements and transient absorption spectroscopy, the successful candidate will probe the dynamic of the carriers, their thermalization, their lifetime, and the thermodynamics of the structures at the nanoscale. This is a rare opportunity to make pioneering contributions in a nascent field, with experimental results that will serve as the foundations of many developments for years to come.

More informations about skills and experience desired are available in this document.