Post-doctoral offer: Beam-scanning antenna design for 60 GHz non-contact vital sign estimation


The offered position takes place within an Indo-French project NOVIS60 (Non-contact vital sign estimation with 60 GHz radar technology) in collaboration between Sorbonne University (SU) and IIT Bombay. The goal of the project is to develop an innovative electronic system capable of detecting people’s vital signs in a remote and contactless way. NOVIS60’s solution is based on a Doppler radar operating in the license-free 60 GHz band.


The goal of the post-doc, available at the L2E lab of Sorbonne University, located in Paris, France, is to design an antenna operating in the 60 GHz band using printed planar technology. The solution will be based on leaky-wave principle in order to exhibit a beam scanning with frequency. The proposed design should take into account the requirements of the fabrication process at SU (LPKF laser etching, through-hole plating machine, multilayer press).

More informations about skills and experience desired are available in this document.