Post-doctoral offer: Photoacoustic imaging of neuronal activity in mice


The project will be carried out at the Fresnel Institute in Marseille, within the MOSAIC group. Gathering more than 40 people from around the world, this interdisciplinary group is working at the crossroad of physics and biology, in close collaboration with other groups from Marseille (RCMO group at Fresnel Institute, Cossart group at Inmed), as dealing with advanced optical fabrication and neurobiology.


The project aims at developing a photoacoustic imaging setup to non-invasively access neuronal activity at large depths (≳ 2 mm) in the mouse brain.

To provide a sufficient detection bandwidth and hence achieve quasi cellular resolution, the acoustic field will be optically detected using custom-made Fabry-Pérot cavities. Wide-field interrogation strategies will be investigated to yield the high temporal resolution required for neuronal activity imaging. We will apply these techniques to perform calcium imaging in mice.

More informations available in this document.