2 Post-Doctoral Positions: Ultra-Low-Profile Electronically Steerable Transmitarray Antennas for SATCOM Applications at Ka-band


Classically composed of one or more radiating surfaces operating in transmission mode and illuminated by one focal source or a focal array, transmitarrays (also called discrete lenses) are a recent cutting-edge antenna concept. These devices can be used to control the electromagnetic field on the array aperture. In this way, electronically reconfigurable antennas with beam-steering and beam-forming capability can be implemented.


The main objective of this post-doctoral project, available at CEA-LETI Antennas and Propagation Laboratory and IETR, CNRS, UMR 6164, is to develop and demonstrate an ultra-flat electrically reconfigurable transmitarray operating in dual-band (Ka-band), dual-circular polarization and excited by a near-field focal system. The developed antenna will demonstrate – for the first time at the international level – low profile electronically steerable antennas for SATCOM at Ka band.

More information in this document.