Post-doctoral offer: Development of a compressed wavefront sensor with a thin scattering Hartmann-mask


Wavefront sensing is a very handy technique for measuring the spatial phase of a beam. However, in many applications, single-shot, multispectral and high-resolution wavefront acquisitions of complex light-beams must be achieved. Single-shot acquisition is especially critical in the case of ultra-short laser pulses delivering few pulses a day like the multi-petawatt Apollon laser facility.


In this project, available at the SPPIN laboratory, in the heart of Paris, wavefront-sensing will be achieved relying on recent advances in image processing and taking advantage of the spatial and spectral properties of complex scattering media. The group in Paris published several works supporting this project, in particular about high-resolution wavefront sensing with a diffuser, spectro-spatial properties of scattering media and compressed imaging.

More details in this document.