PhD offer: Learned Imaging and Wireless Communication with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces


Our group specializes in molding the flow of information through tailored wave-matter interactions, with an experimental focus on applied electromagnetics. Imaging and wireless communication underpin countless modern and futuristic applications (autonomous vehicles, smart environments, energy-efficient secure communication) and rely on waves to carry information.
Our primary interests are in programming the properties of the matter with which these waves interact to enable a smooth transfer of information even under very hostile conditions, and to streamline this programming with an intelligent data analysis. Our experimental workhorse for tailoring wave-matter interactions are programmable metasurfaces – ultrathin arrays of meta-atoms with individually controllable scattering properties that have a unique capability to manipulate electromagnetic fields in a reprogrammable manner.
We leverage concepts from wave physics, metamaterial engineering and artificial intelligence to conceive and prototype ideas for deploying such “reconfigurable intelligent surfaces” (RIS) to address fundamental problems (energy efficiency, security, operation under challenging conditions) in imaging and wireless communication.


All information about this offer, proposed by IETR (Institut d’Électronique et de Télécommunications de Rennes, UMR CNRS 6164), is available in this document.