PhD offer: Numerical and experimental study of 2 μm light propagation in a high power continuous wave monolithic Tm, Ho or Tm-Ho doped fiber laser source


Fiber lasers emitting at wavelengths around 2 μm in continuous wave (CW) regime are promising sources of laser radiation for both civil and military applications. For several years, the French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL) has been working particularly on the development of infrared laser sources dedicated to optical countermeasures, which the aim is to protect an airborne or ground platform against a missile attack.


The goal of this thesis is to study and simulate the high power propagation in rare-earth ions doped optical fibers used in 2-μm laser sources developed at ISL, in order to develop a system with a higher efficiency while maintaining a good beam quality.

A complete understanding of the physical phenomena in the fiber laser is essential to go towards higher power laser sources. This work will be carried out in collaboration with ICube institute, a joint research unit including CNRS and University of Strasbourg.

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