Post-doctoral offer: Simulation of the luminescence of structured surfaces for application in LED lighting (ANR project SMARtLEDs)


White lighting devices currently on the market use blue LEDs associated with phosphors, emitting in the yellow and red spectrum. This combination often offers only a limited range of colors with an insufficient Color Rendering Index (CRI), with the lack of emission in the red (620 nm << 720 nm) being the main reason. There is a thus a need for improvement, by controlling the emission at the spatial and spectral levels.

The SMARtLEDs project associates three laboratories of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (ICCF, LabHC, LMGP) and addresses the field of LED lighting. Coatings of YAG:Ce3+ associated with nanowires of ZnO organized in the form of periodic gratings are proposed to improve light extraction and improve the required red component, it replacing other expensive or not yet stable enough solutions currently employed. The YAG:Ce3+ and ZnO structures will be elaborated via low cost sol-gel solutions.


The goal of this project is to simulate the spectral and angular characteristic of the luminescence of the whole system.

More details available in this document.


Thomas KAMPFE (Associate Professor, UJM)