internship offer: High order fullwave modeling and inverse design for highly efficient metasurface configurations


During the past few years, metasurfaces have been widely considered as ideal solutions to replace the classical optical components by manipulating the light at the subwavelength scale. These elements are often based on metallic and/or high refractive index dielectric materials. Numerous optical components have been revisited based on metasurfaces such as lenses, axicons, polarization converters and waveplates.

In our recent work, we have illustrated the significance of the near field coupling in enhancing the performance of the metasurface based on propagation phase.


The first objective of this internship, available in the Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée research center, is the extension of our former study to numerically model and optimize metasurface devices based on geometrical phase, but taking into account the strong near field coupling between the neighbouring ridges unlike what is usually considered in the literature.

The second objective is to perform a state of the art study for the broadband performance of the geometrical phase-based devices.

All details in this document.