PhD offer: Advanced numerical modeling of nonlinear photonic components


Resonant photonic structures are promising components to enhance non-linear optical effects. Among those effects, frequency generation (second harmonic generation, difference frequency generation, sum frequency generation), are interesting to create performant sources in the domains of wavelengths were technological solutions are scarce. Photonic resonant structures can provide a huge electric field enhancement, due to the excitation of eigenmodes, and the required modes matching between the pump and the generated waves can be handled thanks to the sub-wavelength structuration. In this context, efficient numerical modelling tools are missing, in particular to study photonic resonant structures.


The proposed thesis, available at the Institut Fresnel (UMR CNRS 7249), aims at the development of a powerful numerical code, based on the finite element method, to model nonlinear optical phenomena in highly resonant and multi-scale 3D photonic components. The emphasis will be put on the generation of second harmonic, sum and difference frequency, in promising components to realize high-performance optical sources.

More information in this document.