Post-doctoral offer: Research Fellow in Experimental Photonics


The School of Physics and Astronomy has an internationally recognised set of research programmes in astrophysics, condensed-matter physics, and photonics. The Nanophotonics Group explores the use of nanophotonics to push knowledge and devices in applications spanning optical communications, nonlinear optics and metrology.

The group also has a track record of developing novel design and characterisation techniques. One of the key pillars within this work is the use of silicon Photonic crystal based devices for metrology applications, e.g. integrated displacement sensors and spectrometers.


The School of Physics and Astronomy advertises a Research Fellow position in Experimental Photonics dedicated to the development of integrated spectrometers based on disordered photonic devices. The applicant should have research experience in the modelling, theory, design and/or fabrication and experimental characterization of integrated or disordered photonic devices, preferable in silicon on silicon nitride, supported by a good publication record. Knowledge of photonic crystal or quasicrystal design and fabrication is desirable.

All details in this document and at this address.


Dr Sebastian SCHULZ
Tel: 01334 463196