PhD offer: Reconfigurable Soft Acoustic Materials: toward tunable flat acoustic lens


Created in 1963, the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP) (UMR CNRS 5031, University of Bordeaux) is a multidisciplinary research laboratory of physical chemistry which gathers chemists, physical chemists, physicists and biochemists. Their research aims at establishing new fundamental concepts that are sources of understanding and innovation for technological applications.


This proposed project concerns the development of new reconfigurable, self-healing and / or recyclable materials for acoustics. The general idea is to give a material acoustic functions that can be modified through the application of an external stimulus and thus ensure its versatility. The materials targeted by this project are flat acoustic lenses that come in the form of ultra-thin films (also called acoustic metasurfaces) with properties that can be reprogrammed via illumination by UV radiation of specific wavelength.

More details in this document (version française).