Lab on a chip with Integrated Elastic Metamaterials for Biosensing

Project and tasks

In this PhD project, the PhD student will develop a LOC that combines both surface acoustic waves (SAW: Surface Acoustic Waves) technology and acoustic metamaterials designs to achieve ultra- sensitive bio-detection. The construction of such device would facilitate understanding the mechanobiological mechanisms of cells. The missions of the PhD student are thus essentially summarized in the following parts:

– Development of multi-physics models to study the involved physical mechanisms and their interaction in the acoustic sensing process, and to design and optimize the metamaterial and the device.
– Microfluidic cell development for the full LOC and the integration of SAW technology and microfluidic trapping.

– Experimental characterization applied to bio-detection, and mechanobiology of cells.

Candidate profile

Master’s degree or Engineering degree in one or more of the following fields: Physics, Acoustics, Materials science, Mechanical engineering, Optics, Scientific Computing, Micro and Nanotechnologies, Biomedical and/or Biotechnology Engineering, or similar.


Frederic Sarry, Professeur des Universités, Université de Lorraine,

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