Post-doc offer: Design of a UHF RFID antenna for Healthcare Monitoring

The objective of this work is to improve the design of an active sensor by using the UHF RFID technology. The prototype (which should combine the active sensor and the UHF tag) will be used to monitor and localize different equipment in healthcare environment. For this aim, the design a UHF tag antenna will be realized. The antenna is constrained by different limitations in term of surface and height. Morover, the integration of the RFID tag should not degrade the performance of active sensor and the read range of the tag should not be impacted by the presence of the sensor.

The LCIS is a multi-disciplinary research laboratory located in Valence, France, which brings together researchers in computer science, electronics and automation around embedded and communicating systems. The research work developed within the ORSYS team focuses on the use of radio frequency (RF) for both communication and measurement. ORSYS expertise covers various RF areas such as design, optimization and measurement of wireless systems. Systems studied include RFID and UWB systems. The research relies on professional CAD tools for RF design and electromagnetic simulation, and an important set of RF instruments (arbitrary generators, spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers and anechoic chambers…). The group’s work is part of numerous academic and industrial collaborations both nationally and internationally.