3-year postdoctoral position at Bordeaux: Nanofabrication of disordered optical metasurfaces

The visual appearance of flat surfaces and curved objects is paramount in life and technology for fine and applied arts. The ERC project UNSEEN (2.2 M€) aims at creating nanostructured surfaces (or metasurfaces) that offer new visual appearances, unseen in nature. The metasurfaces will be composed of disordered monolayers of high-index resonant nanoparticles, either deposited from a colloidal solution on solid support or fabricated with advanced lithography and further replicated.

The project will start on September 2023 in Bordeaux at the Laboratoire Photonique Numérique et Nanosciences (LP2N) and will last 5 years. It will gather skills on optical metasurfaces, complex media, rendering, structural color and nanofabrication. The present offer concerns a 3-year postdoc position in nanofabrication.

This highly interdisciplinary project will allow you gaining valuable experience in the domains of optical metasurfaces. Your role will be to manufacture the metasurfaces, in collaboration with other fellow groups specialized in colloidal chemistry and nanofabrication by ebeam writing. You will also contribute to optical design and characterization for optimized performance for specific applications. Metasurfaces provide many degrees of freedom to shape the far-field radiation patterns in the spatial and spectral frequency domains: “There is plenty of room at the bottom”. This is the right time to join us and become an important player in the project.

More information on the group in which you will be working can be found at https://www.lp2n.institutoptique.fr/equipes-de-recherche-du-lp2n/light-complex-nanostructures. More details on the topic can be found in Nat. Mater. 21, 1035–41 (2022) and ACS Nano 17, 6362–72 (2023).

Instruction to apply: contact philippe lalanne philippe.lalanne@institutoptique.fr with Resume, Publications list, Motivation letter, Recommendation letter(s), In case the PhD thesis has not yet been defended: expected date of defense and elements to confirm it (e.g. a short email from the advisor), evaluation reports about the PhD manuscript and the defense.