Offre de thèse, Bordeaux, ICMCB et IMS : Etude et réalisation de dispositifs pour la photonique intégrée en utilisant la fabrication additive 3D multimateriaux assistée par laser femtoseconde

[…] This PhD work will aim to participate to this national project by demonstrating the ability to develop a PIC platform for sensing pollutants with optimized additive manufacturing process of optical building blocks that could clearly tackle part of this challenge. In this frame, the PhD effort will focus on fabrication of some building blocks (waveguides and optical ring resonators) with submicronic resolution by addressing the study of the laser-material interactions as well as the fabrication of the final device using 3D printing. Performance will be assessed through dedicated optical test setup and compared to the performance of devices fabricated by photolithography process conventionally used in microelectronics […]