PhD offer, IEMN, Lille: Enhancing THz Light-Matter Interaction for Probing Protein Structure

The Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics, and Nanotechnologies (IEMN) is conducting research the THz, proposing for instance sources detectors, lasers and telecommunication systems. Recently, the team developed devices and methodology to enable the probe of subwavelength samples by TeraHertz-time-domain spectrometry (THz-TDS). The aim of the PhD thesis is to capitalize on these to enable THz wave investigation of biological molecules such as proteins and DNA to unravel their structure. Your main mission will be to design and optimize the performance of the state-of-the-art device using advanced numerical methods, such as FDTD. You will then utilize our cutting-edge micro and nano fabrication facilities for device fabrication using the latest generation equipment. Once fabricated, you will validate the electromagnetic performances of the device in terms of field localization and coupling. Finally, you will operate the device for broadband THz spectroscopy with various macromolecular samples under different conditions, ranging from cryogenic temperatures in a specialized cryostat to microfluidic environments. Your ultimate goal will be to incorporate a cavity to enhance the light mater interaction even more and bring the sample towards new physics.