Post-doctoral position (36-month, ERC sCiSsoRS) for the development of nonlinear microscopy in the field of cancer diagnostics in Marseille from September 2024

Our recent advances in coherent Raman microscopy allow for real-time generation of artificially stained images of cancer samples which previously required time-consuming histopathological staining procedures. However, the examination of thick samples remains a major challenge for coherent Raman microscopy because the excitation light must pass through the sample. Within this project, you will develop a new coherent Raman technique called coherent Stokes Raman scattering (CSRS) microscopy. As the game-changer, CSRS will send the signal photons directly into the backward direction enabling the investigation of thick, non-transparent cancer samples. Your mission is to set up and characterize backscattering CSRS microscopes and evaluate their functionality on cancer tissue.