Post-doctoral position (ANR ExFLEM) : Wave experiments in flexible elastic metamaterials, LAUM, Le Mans, with V. Tournat et G. Theocharis

The CNRS Laboratory of Acoustics at the University of Le Mans (LAUM), France, is looking for exceptional and highly motivated candidates to fill a post-doctoral position in the field of nonlinear waves in flexible elastic metamaterials […] The ideal candidate should possess a PhD in wave propagation, with advanced experimental skills in acoustics/mechanics, wave propagation, and image correlation […] The post-doctoral fellow will conduct research in the “Materials” team of LAUM. They will be responsible for designing and experimentally characterizing the dynamics of various flexible mechanical metamaterials in collaboration with colleagues at SUPMECA in Paris as part of the ExFLEM 2021-2025 project of the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR).