PostDoctoral offer: AIMS : Big data technologies for real time monitoring of the environmental impact of offshore human activities.


The AIMS project consists of building an integrated system for monitoring offshore human activities to assess the impact of these activities on marine fauna, and especially on marine mammals. The whole system is built around big-data technologies and aims to use benefits of such technologies to collect and analyze all possible data related to the marine environment and the offshore human activities.

The purpose of AIMS is to design integrated technologies for decreasing the financial, logistical and technical costs of marine environmental monitoring, assessments and studies. AIMS is based on buoys embedding data processing and upload to the data lake. Such devices make it easier to investigate the anthropogenic impact on the wildlife.


The candidate for this post-doctoral offer, available at the University of Caen Normandy – CNRS UMR6072 – Caen, France, will mainly have to:

  1. simulate wave equations based on PDE
  2. study how deep learning can be used to solve these PDE
  3. work in the context of bio-acoustics / marine data.

All information about the expected profile and experience can be found in this document.