Post-doctoral offer: « Active array of Quasi Optical beamformers »


The Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes (IETR) in collaboration with THALES ALENIA SPACE (TAS-F) have developed a valuable know-how in the field of quasi-optical beam formers (QOBF). Antenna architectures based on these QOBF have been already proposed for civil and military missions.

These interesting properties have been investigated in the emerging context of Ka-band satellite constellation systems, requiring on-board antennas with large number of beams as well as low-profile terminal antennas allowing significant beam steering.Several lens-type beamformers have been developed and have resulted in mock-ups and three joint patents by TAS-F and the IETR.


The post-doctoral research project is focused on associating the previous inventions, proposing an active antenna concept operating in reception / emission, and realizing a large number of beams over a wide angular sector. This project also aims at addressing the appropriate manufacturing technologies. Indeed, for ground missions and systems of constellations of satellites, a very large number of antennas is envisaged.

All details in this document.