PhD offer: Wide band arrays at sub-millimeter bands


Recently, a 3×3 connected array of dipoles has been presented for the first time for covering all allocated 5G bands in USA from 27.5 up to 72 GHz with a field of view of ±45°. Its limited scan range is due to packaging issues, confirming that fabrication and system architecture are key for such arrays. IETR has recently proposed CTS arrays links in the V- and E-bands. In D-band, a connected arrays in polystrata technology has been recently proposed with 4096 radiating elements.


The PhD project, available at IETR, Rennes, addresses three major goals: to propose a Green’s function approach for the analysis of connected arrays, to investigate the scanning capability and suitability of such antennas and to prototype and validate experimentally the numerical results.

All details in this document.