Post-doctoral offer: « Low-profile steerable antenna in Ka-band »


Compact and efficient antenna architectures are key enabler solutions for on-board electromagnetic applications. Current solutions use cumbersome mechanical systems, or expensive but flat electronically steered phased arrays.

High data rates require the large bandwidth available at Ka-band but also extremely flat and steerable antennas to be integrated on the fuselage of moving platforms. The main technical and scientific challenge of the project is the development of a very low profile antenna architecture able to steer in a fast and efficient way its main beam over a large angular sector and wide band.


The main goal of the project is to develop a disruptive, modular and ultra-low-profile antenna architecture for the next generation of high data rate satellite communication systems for moving platforms.

The fellowship will be developed at the IETR, Rennes in the framework of a French national project in collaboration with Thales Research & Technology, France.

All details in this document.